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I’ve used all the products below.
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Benefit Fake up hydrating concealer

I’ve used many concealers and this one is the most moisturizing. Provides medium coverage.

Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long-Losting Concealer $40.

This is another great concealer I’ve been using for years. It provides medium to full coverage. My only complaint is that dries out to quickly. For that price it shouldn’t


Dermologica face primer

I really like this, the consistency is nice and it glides on easily. I break out a lot and feel like this is the one primer that agrees with my skin. Dermalogica
makes great products

Chanel Le Blanc face primer.

This is another great primer, I use this in the winter. it smells amazing and provides a nice illuminating glow for that blah winter skin. I’m not sure how good it is at making your foundation stick but I love this product
Tip-Don’t put too much or you’ll look like a ghost.
Nordstroms $45.00

Bronzers and Highlighters

Chanel Powder Bronzer

I like this bronzer a lot. It’s very flattering, works on most skin tones. Smells great (as all Chanel products do). I use this in the winter to liven up my blah skin. My Negative is that a lot of my Chanel compacts crack and I end up losing half the product.

Chanel Bronzer

This is another great bronzer. It looks great in the summer. Provides a natural looking healthy healthy glow. Tip: accentuate cheek bones, forehead, and bridge of nose using a foundation brush. I always use this in conjunction with the Creamy highlighter to the right.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

I like to use this as a highlighter added on to the bronzer to the left. The two products together provide a beautiful, youthful bronzed glow

Blush Cream

Chanel Cream Blush

I own this in a few different colors, it’s pricey but worth the money

The Multiple-Nars $39

I love these. I’ve owned a few different colors throughout the years. It Comes in over 14 colors. Guides on smoothly, effortlessly, can be used on your eyes,lips,and cheeks (hence, why it’s called the multiple)

Stila Convertible Color

I’ve been using this product for many years. I like that it can be used on your lips and cheeks and that the colors are flattering enough to do so unlike other lip/cheek blushes I’ve used.


Julie Hewett

Sold at Apothica salon and boutique and online at the Derm Store.

I was first introduced to this line of makeup because it’s sold at my hair salon. I’ve been loving all of the products. This pink blush deposits just the right amount of color without looking like a clown. I love the mineral powder too.

Tarte Amazon Clay, 12 hour blush

12 hour blush I own this is in a bright colored pink and love it. It stays on longer than most powder blushes and comes in an array of colors.

Chanel Powder Blush

I Love this blush and own it in many colors. It last’s forever, smells great, and has a velvety smooth texture.

Written by Nicole